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GroupBuy FAQ

How does it work?

It's simple.

  1. Access the Group Buy listing 
  2. Commit the number of cases you wish to purchase (the minimum commitment is only 1 case!) and choose your size(s). As more buyers commit, everyone's price decreases! Now that's strength in numbers.
  3. Pay for your order (at the price indicated on the listing). 
  4. Orders will be accumulated for the time period of 1 week (Monday - Friday), so make sure to spread the word! The more commitments accumulated during that time, the lower the price will be for everyone involved.
  5. Once the time limit expires, the group order will be executed. The price you end up paying will correspond to the tier that the entire group has committed to. If the final price is lower than the price you committed at, we will refund you the difference. Goods ship on the following Monday. 

Pro tip

Sign up to our affiliate program and earn up to 20% when you refer a buyer; return the favour by giving them up to 10% off their order! Teamwork 

What's your mission?

Through group buying on the internet, we empower small businesses and retail buyers to achieve the same bulk discounts that Fortune 500 companies get without the need to buy in bulk. Isn't it about time the underdog wins?

Why Synguard?

Covid-19 has seen the cost of PPE skyrocket, with nitrile gloves being among the most impacted products. Brands like Synguard, which previously sold at $30-$60 per case are now being sold online at around $200.

While considerable savings are attainable, the quantities required to achieve them are often out of reach for many.

That's where we come in.

By aggregating the orders of many buyers into one large group order, we are able to provide you with massive savings - up to 70% off retail. Bottom line: you save BIG without buying more than what you need!

What's in it for me? 

Beyond achieving greater savings for yourself, you are also contributing to the savings of others. 

By becoming a Community Partner, you can also refer other buyers and earn up to 20% in commissions of all sales when a customer uses your code. The buyers you refer will also get up to 10% off their orders. To sign up to our Community Partnership Program, please click HERE

And that's not all...if the GroupBuy reaches 500 cases, customers who committed the first 25 cases will get 100% of their money back. You heard that right - FREE gloves for early believers. It's our way of saying thanks for the support

How does the affiliate program work?

Our dynamic affiliate program allows you to earn big (up to 20% in commission) by referring potential customers to us. As our goal is to empower small businesses and retail buyers, we believe you should be well rewarded