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Miami, FL (August 12, 2021) -, an online retailer of safety supplies, has launched GroupBuy - an innovative program designed to help retail customers and small businesses achieve bulk discounts without the hassle of buying in bulk. 

Using GroupBuy, customers work together by contributing their orders and building up volume in order to achieve discounts they could not receive just by buying alone.

Sample GroupBuy listing

Every GroupBuy has established price breaks that are based on the volume reached by the group. In the example above, customers worked together to build the volume to 12 cases of gloves, with a price at $129.99 per case. If volume reaches 25 cases, then a price of $119.99 per case will take effect. All customers who contributed their orders prior to the price drop would be issued a rebate/refund of $10 per case.

What incentivizes a customer to join early? Well, every GroupBuy has an early bird promotion through which you can receive you order completely free if you are one of the first to join the GroupBuy. 

GroupBuy comes at a time when a frightening number of small businesses across America have been left behind facing permanent closures while Wall Street and big businesses have soared after the shock to the economy caused by COVID-19. GroupBuy aims to level the playing field between small and big businesses, between David and Goliath.

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