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Why Purchasing Departments Should Work With Suppliers Who Know the Products They're Selling Inside and Out


In a world where vendors are relentlessly upping the ante on pricing, selection, and fast shipping, product expertise is one of the most underrated USPs a vendor can provide you with. So if you find a vendor whose representatives know all the products like the back of their hand, every single time you interact, stick with them. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Look good. A vendor that arms you with lots of valuable, easy-to-understand information about the products you are buying from them helps you stand out in your organization. Submit your approval requests with confidence!
  • Make informed recommendations and decisions. A very knowledgeable vendor even helps you discover the right questions to ask other vendors, in turn helping you make an informed purchasing recommendation or decision. 
  • Avoid errors. Nobody likes ordering X-1 and receiving X-2. Mistakes are more likely to happen when vendors don't clearly communicate what it is you are buying from them. When you're buying lots of items, knowledge and clear communication are vital.
  • Product expertise is hard to scale, so your vendor cares A LOT about you.  Most vendors prefer to invest in parts of their business that they can easily scale: shipping, product selection, pricing. And rightfully so - customers consider these to be the important pillars when making purchasing decisions. However, product expertise is not easy to scale, because it is predicated on people who require rigorous training, a culture of learning, above-average compensation. A vendor who invests in the knowledge of their representatives is a vendor who cares about your business and wants to be counted on.

At Mersi Distribution, we take product expertise very seriously. Even as a small business, we go to painstaking lengths to arm each member of our team with the deep expertise and insights required to truly help customers with every single product they inquire about. The first person you speak with at our company will also be the last person you will speak with, because they will have the helpful answers and tips you're looking for.

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